About Monkey Park

Monkey Park is a non-profit foundation that has made itself available to the indigenous wildlife of Costa Rica in order to provide a safe and experienced environment for the local wildlife’s rehabilitation and release needs. Its staff and program have been expertly tailored to benefit a balanced ecology by providing educational opportunities for visitors in order to help curve the current rate of decline of many fascinating fauna that are necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem that this wonderful country has to offer.

Through its unique eco-tourism offerings, Monkey Park hopes to positively impact its environment before it is too late to make a difference.

The Guanacaste region in which Monkey Park is located has undergone great changes over the past 50 years. With a growing number of people migrating to this wonderful climate, increases in housing development and industry have greatly encroached on its native wildlife. Due to a greater need for transportation and its resulting infrastructure, in addition to the need to energize its neighborhoods, the Guanacaste region is witnessing a growing number of precious animals losing their lives trying to adapt in their new environments.

The experts at Monkey Park seek to curtail such events by working with the government and conservation groups to help discover new ways and techniques that will give its wildlife a fighting chance.
With the backing and support of the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications (MINAET), Monkey Park is uniquely positioned to have the greatest positive impact on the fundamental ways and means that the Costa Rican government view and handle environmental issues. Trusted to act under MINAET auspices in the effort of preserving, rehabilitating, and when possible, releasing its all species, Monkey Park enjoys a diverse group of animals for its tourists to see. Exhibits are carefully thought out and meticulously designed in order to both provide the public with an exciting experience while maintain the basic concepts of animals welfare in mind; these include nutrition, enrichment, and propagation while being ever so mindful of the need to maintain genetic diversity. Simply put, animals at Monkey Park are set up to allow the opportunity to behave as they would in the wild.

Find out more about us by browsing through our website and help us to support and strengthen this valuable resource through your donations because Monkey Park also belongs to you!