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As human populations grow and expand globally, the threat of extinction looms for the many species whose habitats are overtaken by human consumption. Smaller territories will support fewer animals, thereby diminishing gene pools and reproductive success of species. Extinction is merely a matter of numbers; when there are no representatives of a species left in their natural geographic range, that species is extinct and no longer a part of ecology. The inception of Monkey Park as a foundation ensures that regardless of what happens elsewhere in Costa Rica, this piece of land will continue to be dedicated strictly to the preservation of wildlife and local ecology.

The need to take action to preserve ecology becomes more severe with each passing day. At Monkey Park Foundation, all available resources are dedicated to the preservation and propagation of ecology and all donations received are utilized directly in the operation of wildlife rehabilitation and release programs. Contributions to Monkey Park will directly aid in preserving species from extinction, a unique achievement that should leave donors with a sense of pride and satisfaction in the step they are taking to preserve nature’s treasured resources.

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